Evangelion 色图! 


本垃圾只是想看这个系列的结局而已,现在不会想说整个龙族的事情都是路明非在做梦吧 🤣🤣🤣

不知所措 🤣🤣🤣

俺今天试了下 CloudFlare Workers 部署 WASM,感觉海星 🌝👍

造了这么个东西 github.com/RedL0tus/kemu


所以今年是我审美爆炸了还是手机厂商的设计师们集体暴毙了还是他们在比谁设计得丑 🌝👍

Maybe I should first translate the standard to English in case anyone want to have a go before I have time? lol

I thought they would make yet another proprietary pushing service but hey

Hey hey hey the Chinese push notification standard T-UPA0002-2019 for Android can actually be implemented as FOSS software for both the server side and client side. If this is going to be widely supported I'm really considering implementing it in LineageOS and it might be a good news for Android-without-Google users.

前段时间买了一块辉柏嘉的那啥超净橡皮擦,真的超好用,还不贵(刚刚看了下京东上才两三元一块) 🤣🤣🤣


@SakuragawaAsaba 除了 UltraDock 那样的以外的都不配叫做 Dock(暴论

@devilium (然后自家 Kindle 这个名字的本意又是火
(甚至还有 Kindle Fire
(Kindle Fire 甚至有个 Bootloader 叫 FireFireFire

为啥现在的人喜欢管 集线器 / Hub 叫 拓展坞 / Dock 🤣🤣🤣

LAX 某餐馆的蜜汁操作:芝士汉堡里面夹酸姜片(肉下面还有一片生的紫洋葱(肉还有点老过头了

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